(Don’t just take our word for it)

I met with our packaging team yesterday to review the business cards and the draw downs you sent me. They said that the new cards were with 1.2% variation of the originals. This is within the standard variation that we set for our packaging materials! Very impressive! Thank you. . . You all have certainly earned my confidence.
— Marketing Coordinator - Portland, OR

I just want to thank you for producing all of the materials so quickly and delivering them Monday. It was so nice to have everything in hand a day early! No scrambling.
Everything looks fantastic. . .
— Marketing Communications Manager - Portland, OR

You did a FANTASTIC job on all of our print materials! We are so happy with everything! The training booklets look amazing… And the other items that you have printed for us before, of course, look great as usual. We wanted to let you know that we appreciate your high quality work, great customer service and speedy turnaround times. You guys are top notch, and we love working with you!!

We have been using Dave Stevens and StevensIS for a year and a half now- following an extensive RFP process in 2016. Many of our managers and staff utilize their intuitive online ordering system for new business cards, forms, sales aids, posters and brochures. StevensIS has been outstanding in overall quality and speed- including delivery to all of our locations in Beaverton, Tigard, NW Portland, Lake Oswego, and NE Portland. We highly recommend Dave and the StevensIS team. Having worked with dozens of printers for a wide variety of projects over the past 18 years in Portland, I have yet to find a printer that can deliver on commitments like StevensIS.
— Director of sales and marketing, urgent care - portland, or

Stevens IS has been one of the easiest vendors I’ve ever worked with. Dave and Nick are service-oriented and extremely attentive to our printing needs. They take rightful pride in the quality of their work, too. We recently started using the online ordering portal. It is easy to use and intuitive. My co-workers who have used it agree on how quick and simple it is to place an order. I’m also impressed with how responsive they are to issues and how quickly they will remedy a situation. I highly recommend them.
— Healthcare Foundation Member - portland, OR

I have been impressed with the responsiveness of Stevens Integrated Solutions. The online ordering system works great and the delivery and turn times are the best we have ever had. The process has been easy, quick and enjoyable. Stevens came in and looked at what our needs were and made suggestions, we then threw them a bunch of logistical curve balls and they found simple and easy solutions that satisfied our needs. This is one of the many reasons that partnering with Stevens was an easy and great choice. The customer service from Stevens Integrated Solutions is top-notch. I have worked with several other vendors in the past and can firmly say that Stevens provides the best service I’ve found.
— Logistics Manager - Portland, OR

If service was the #1 criteria in choosing a printer, your competition would be out of business.
Coming from someone who has ordered hundreds of thousands of dollars of printing in the past 20 years from many vendors!
— Director of Sales and Marketing - Portland, OR

Thank you for being such a great printing partner. You have gone above and beyond for us over the years.
— marketing team - Portland, OR